Find out how I can help you reach your goals.


I’ll help you put together your project from the ground up, including: needs assessments, site outlines, wireframes, and content strategies.


I’ll work with you to develop: polished prototypes, graphic assets, site style guides, as well as visual layout and content elements.

Web Development

Is your project ready to develop? I can build your site leveraging the power and flexibility of WordPress, the most client-friendly platform out there.


Have an existing site that needs improving? I can help you strengthen your content, reframe your services, and give your site a fresh, modern design.


A Masters in Library and Information Science and 10+ years serving library customers means I’ve had plenty of practice in collecting relevant data and presenting it in a way that’s easy to understand.


Between a bachelor’s degree in English with honors in writing and a career in public libraries I’ve had plenty of opportunities to hone my writing skills. I can help produce content, presentations, product descriptions, and more.

Technology Solutions

Looking to setup an invoicing system, manage customer relations, or track and generate reports from customer data? I can help you identify and implement appropriate and high quality solutions for your business needs.

Brand Identity

Want to construct or update the look and feel of your brand? I can help you with a new logo, business cards, stationary, web styles and elements, and an overall unified visual brand identity.