About Me

Where my work has taken me.


– Designer –

I’m passionate about the customer journey. At the intersection of UX design, technology, and people lies incredible opportunity.

What Motivates Me

My journey to work in user experience design took a somewhat indirect trajectory. College started with an interest in Journalism, transformed into a Bachelor’s degree in English, and took a complementary turn towards a Master of Library and Information Science.

All the while I plunged deep into my passion for technology and design, honing skills in HTML, CSS, and Photoshop while traversing the expanding world wide web alongside the first wave of digital natives. What began as thoughtful criticism of the developing technological landscape matured into a passionate commitment to improving and shaping experiences through technology.

I’ve worked over ten years in libraries in a number of roles, closely connected to the everyday consumers of information and users of technology. In many ways you couldn’t have a more ideal environment for studying and refining user experiences than in a library, a setting where users build strong relationships with staff through their use of technology.